In the vineyard

In the vineyard The vineyard is our pride, our face, and our first and biggest concern. We are aware that good wines are not born in cellars but in the vineyard - actually in the vineyards.

Our world is hilly; terraces follow the soft winding slopes. Some places are more exposed to the morning sun and others to evening sunsets. Somewhere the wind from the north prevails, elsewhere from the south. Even the marl soil is not the same everywhere. Grapes grow in several plots, as the oral tradition of our ancestors has helped us to keep and restore the vineyards. The grapes develop the best results notwithstanding the demand on the market for a specific type of wine. The investment is long-term and today we are noticing that the effort is worth it, since each type of wine has its own character. We live with nature, we follow her and adjust to her. The sunniest places are suitable for Rebula and black grapes; Sauvignon, Sauvignon vert and Chardonnay keep their freshness only if they hide in the shadows of the afternoon. Differences in altitude, although small, contribute to the uniqueness of each position as well.

LazneThe oldest vineyards are half a century old. The growth there is slow, crops are smaller and mineralogy is greater. The wines of these vineyards grow through time and reach other sensory dimensions. They usually mature in an underground cellar in wooden barrels, and arrive to the market late. They are known under the name Carolina, which includes dry, variety wines, cuvees and sweet wines made of dry grapes, and sparkling wines. Our newest vineyards have reached their full potential and are suitable for fresh fruity wines of young character, which are marketed under the trading name Jakončič. Grapevines are cultivated under the system of Single Guyot, which enables better exposure and even ripening of grapes.


Grape harvest Harvesting has always been the key moment of the annual cycle. Not much has changed in the last few decades, maybe centuries. W still pick grapes by hand so that every grape is inspected. We take care that the grapes reach the cellar undamaged as soon as possible. This is the moment we wish time would freeze. Since early spring you have watched how the grapevines develop, you were happy to see the first sprouts, you feared the frost, inhaled the gentle smell of flowers, watched how the grapes grew and slowly change their colour, asked God for rain without hail, and now, in a few hours only bare vines are left. The thought of merry autumn colours cheers up any man. It is then that young wine turns into mature wine. And then the snow falls!