About Jakončič

You will find us at the end of Kozane ridge, where hilly landscape of Šmartno begins, continuing through Kozane to Furlania in Italy.

The monotonous buzz of a tractor somewhere in the vineyard is the only proof that modern technology may enter the world of traditional manual work, custom and knowledge passed on from one generation to another. Experiences from days gone past direct the impatience of the young and on our winery farm we are very proud that the children and parents together care for the vineyards, winemaking and marketing.


Igor JakončičIgor: I have always believed in Goriška brda and its potential to produce exceptional wines. This is the reason why I have been closely connected to wine for all my life.













Danica JakončičDanica: Maybe it is true that men rule the world of wine; however, without women quietly standing by their side and supporting them, this world would be deprived of many fine wines.






Aljoša Jakončič

Aljoša: I am aware of the fact that premium quality grapes give premium quality wine only if we understand that each vintage is different and unique, and each harvest is a new birth. In 1992, I was 20 years old and we placed a new wine brand on the market for the first time. Even for me that was a great challenge. My parents allowed me to realise many of my ideas; there were ups and downs but I must say that the wise advice of my parents has always helped me make the right choice.


Mitja JakončičMitja: Since I can remember I distinguished seasons by the different work that needed to be done in the vineyard or in the cellar. I was so enthusiastic that I did not think twice what study to choose: oenology. It is very satisfying when your work is also your pleasure.